Birthday & Theme Parties


Birthday & Theme Parties

Did a birthday sneak up on you this month? Sometimes you or your loved one’s special day is here before you know it and you haven’t planned anything to celebrate. We know it can be hard to decide on a party theme that you and all your guests will enjoy. That’s why we created birthday party themes at Param Banquets that will give you all kinds of festive inspiration for the big day. Based on party style and guest age, we’ll suggest some great ideas to get you well on your way to party-planning success!

  • Princess Celebration: Who doesn’t love a princess party? Keep the outfits, decorations, and cake for this party pink frilly and fun. Make sure party guests get their own tiaras!
  • Prom Party: Great for adults who want to relive their teenage years. Think cheesy music, punch bowls and posed pictures. Have guests come in their formal best.
  • Fashion Show Festivities: Create a birthday runway covered in confetti and line the sides with cupcakes. Make sure all the models get one of Sweet Lulu’s day glam candy rings!
  • High Tea Gala: In the mood to feel fancy? Wear your birthday best and host high tea. The glazed tea cakes are a must. Don’t forget to stick a birthday candle in each one!
  • Sports Party: Sports make an easy and customizable party theme! Whatever your sport of choice, make sure you get a game going to burn off the birthday cake!
  • Rainbow Celebration: An easy and festive birthday option! Decorate with colorful streamers, serve vibrant fruit and drinks and have the rainbow centerpiece.

To plan your perfect and memorable Birthday or Theme party, contact our experts at Param Banquets.

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